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Obtaining a mortgage for a new home can be different than when buying a used home.  New home developments may be subject to presale requirements or other stipulations that are not typical.  For this reason, there are “new home specialists” in the home mortgage business.

New home communities will frequently work with a specific lender to provide prospect purchasers with information about obtaining financing for their new home.  The “preferred lender” will know all the specifics about financing at the very particular community you are interested in.   This includes what types of financing are available, be it VA, FHA, Conventional, or Jumbo, or something else!


Use our easy mortgage calculator to provide you with a rough estimate of amortized payments, but meeting with your community’s preferred lender can frequently be the best way to learn about qualifying for your home purchase.  Some of the friendly faces of new home lending specialists are seen here!  You might see them when visiting new home communities!

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